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Sometimes one have to give one's email address on a webpage to request an email respons. Perhaps you are booking into an unknown hotel or need a password or something sent to you by mail. Unfortunately such mail could be misinterpreted as spam and stopped by filters not understanding the mail as wanted.

To avoid that such a respons will be stopped by the email filters and your mail address beeing stored and used in the future, this service can be used. A shorttermed mail address will be made and given to you, and it will be sent you by mail within 20 minutes when it is confirmed activated. The address will be valid only for the number of days stated below.

Give your username, your password at the central unix servers ( and state for how many days you want your shorttermed address to be valid. The created email address will guaranteed not be stopped by mail filters at the IT-department with no other constraints for you.
NB! Virus control will still be in effect.

New address valid for days

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